Bolton 9 Triple Expansion Steam Engine

by John

My next steam engine project will be to make from iron and gunmetal castings and bar stock, a steam engine which will have similarities to the engines of the Titanic.  It will have 3 cylinders, increasing in size, so that steam passes from the smallest to the intermediate to the biggest, thus being used 3 times before being exhausted.  It will be much more complex than the other engines pictured to date on the blog.  My other engines have taken about a year each to build, so I predict that this one will take a similar time.  We will see.  There will be no rush.  My aim is to enjoy the build and end up with a working engine.  It might even end up in a boat.

I have the plans, and the castings are on order.  The supplier (Kelly Mayberry at E&J Winter, Sydney) had to order new castings, so they are currently being cast and collected.  My next post will be when the castings arrive.  If you are interested, go to the E&J Winter web site and browse the catalogue.  I am not exactly sure about the final cost of the castings but it will be approx $A1500.  Not cheap, but SWMBO says that it keeps me off the streets, and is probably less than belonging to a golf club.