by John

A friend recently purchased a kit for electroplating small metal items with zinc.  I was a bit skeptical about the value of such a kit, but after some urging I gave him a small tool which I had de-rusted by soaking in “Evaporust”, for him to demonstrate the effect of zinc plating.

Well, was I impressed!  The tool, ( a multi pronged punch) came back gleaming silver, and the brand which previously was indecipherable, was now quite clear.  And being zinc, it will not rust again, for a very long time.

Now I was looking at many items in my workshop, with which I was/am fighting a losing battle to prevent rusting, and which I could electroplate.  Also, various steel components on my engines, which were showing early signs of rust.  Of course they could be painted, but I like the metal look.

My friend had bought the zinc plating kit, so I ordered the nickel plating kit.  Nickel plating is also rust proof, but is is very hard with anti wear properties, and can be polished to a high shine, similar to chrome.  It is also used to increase the dimensions of parts (by tiny amounts, but often that is all that is required).   

The kit has arrived,  and I am currently welding up a stainless steel tank.  To make the tank I first had to make a sheet metal folder.  I had searched the net and Ebay for a suitable tank, but could find nothing the right size.  I even went to the local tip shop, because they have a lot of dumped stainless steel sinks, but nothing in the size I wanted.  

The folder is made, the tank is almost finished, and first nickel plating to happen today.  Photos to follow.  Watch this space.