CNC Mill

by John

Today I took a half day off work, and booked a crane to lift my CNC mill off the truck onto a steel plate outside my shed, from where Des and I rolled the 2.8 tonne machine inside.
It has been under a tarp, in the rain, for the last week, so I am happy and relieved to have it indoors. Some surface rust was rubbed off. And I spent a few hours cleaning it up, oiling it, doing minor repairs and getting it ready for turning on soon.
One of the hand wheels has been broken and I have ordered replacements from Hong Kong. The pneumatic drawbar is not working. I have pulled it apart, identified the faulty part, and I will attempt to make a new part.
The mill is too big for where I have installed it. I have removed the side tool tables, but it is still too big. So I have some further crow barring of machines to make space.
I hope to connect it to the electrons in a few days.
It has been repainted at some stage. An awful paint job which has gone onto machined and plastic surfaces. I intend to spend time tidying it up, and one day I hope to repaint it more carefully.
Now I have my fingers crossed that the electronics and ball screws will work OK. It is a bit of a gamble.