TNC Lathe renovation 3

by John

SWMBO has “persuaded”me to make two sets of double gates for a Norlane renovators dream, so not too much happening in the machine shop.  Welding and cutting in our Australian summer is not fun.  The gates are ready to be hung so hopefully I might be allowed back into the play area in a couple of days.

I did get a few hours to put some colour onto the TNC lathe.  Dark green enamel sprayed with a “Badger 360” air brush.  First time.  Fun.  Not a fantastic result but OK.

I was quite impressed at how effective masking tape was, in keeping paint off machined surfaces.

This whole exercise is a practice run, so I minimise the chance of stuffing up when I paint the Beam Engine.


Spraying the tailstock.  The other hand is holding the iphone camera.


The Badger 360 in an aftermarket cleaning tank.


The lathe bed and headstock with 2 or 3 coats of topcoat. The big bolts with nuts are to keep paint out of the bearings.