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Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love said to me…

Africa 447

Look at what the bloody crocs have done to my skin!


We’re married, OK?


John and the jawbone of an elephant.

elephant jawbone.  Watch out for black mambas.

The guide told me to be careful, because snakes like to live in the bone cavities. We saw quite a few elephant skeletons, but no tusks! Because the government rangers collect the tusks, to prevent the poachers getting them. They reputedly have a huge warehouse full of tusks, waiting for the world embargo on ivory trading to finish. Botswana has a total ban on hunting, and consequently has a problem with elephant overpopulation.

The Most Fearless, Savage Animal of all

Honey badger, elephant bones

A Honey Badger. About the size of a medium size dog. We watched it walk past a leopard. Unconcerned, and unmolested. Lions leave them alone. The guide told us that they can kill a buffalo, and if provoked, will attack an elephant. Here it is walking behind the skeleton of an elephant.

Thick Skulls


In Africa, you need to look both ways…

japanaese photograper

Dracula, Eat Your Heart Out.


You are in my way!!

not happy 2

Botswana 2013


Africa 186


The heavy chunks of brass which form the cylinders, and the intermediate cylinder valve chest, have been machined externally, and bolted together.


The low and intermediate pressure block on the left, the IP valve chest (with the round boss), and the high pressure cylinder block on the right. All bolted together. Almost ready for cylinder boring.

The IP valve case cavity has been machined, but 3mm too wide. I think that this error will not matter, but if it does I will silver solder some extra material to get to the specified dimension.  (the external  dimension of the steam chest is deliberately left too big at this stage.  It will be blended with the cylinder blocks later.)

Now that these pieces are together, I can do the cylinder boring and complete the external dimensioning and finishing.