by John

A day out of the workshop for looking after my grandson, and watching my daughters husbands eldest son from his first marriage playing football, and cheering him on for kicking 3 goals in the last quarter….!!

But back into the workshop today.

First I bored the big end bearings.


Bored on the mill, not CNC for a change. After some fiddling to get the measurement correct on the first big end, the next two took only a few moments.

Then some finishing turning and polishing for the con rods, and a decorative groove.

Then bored and reamed the the crossheads for gudgeon pins.  For once, the 3 cylinders were the same, so measure the first then quickly repeat the process for the next two.

Then, for a bit of fun, I assembled everything done so far.


The crankshaft, con rods, crossheads, gudgeon pins.  The big cylinder in the foreground is a handle which I use to turn over the crankshaft manually or in the lathe.  It is also a threading handle (home made).


Close up of the engine guts.


The whole engine, so far. It is quite exciting to see it coming together. SWMBO is not impressed with it sitting on the kitchen table.

Next on my list, the pistons and piston rods.   Big decision.   Rings.   Cast iron or packing.

ps.  Neither.  Cast iron rings in gunmetal cylinders not a good idea.  Gunmetal would wear excessively.  Graphite impregnated packing would be OK, but I am probably going to use Viton O rings.  Easy to install, fairly inexpensive, and quite suitable in an engine which is unlikely to see any serious work.