by John

The Bolton 9 triple expansion steam engine build has stalled, and it is all due to achluophobia

Achluophobia, in case you are not fully aware of the term, is fear of dark places.

The next step in the build, is to drill or mill  the steam passages (the dark places).

These passages are slots less than 2mm wide, and up to 14mm deep.  The plans call for 6 of these deep, narrow, dark slots to be made in the cylinder blocks, upon which many many hours of work have already been lavished.   In addition, the slots have a 90 degree bend in the depths.  And that bend is only 2mm away from the cylinder.

The thought of a broken drill bit, or milling cutter, at those depths in the cylinder blocks, fills me with apprehension.

So I have done what I usually do when facing a difficult task with potentially disastrous consequences….  nothing.

I am waiting, thinking, and hoping that some thought bubble will pop, and give me the answer as to how to accomplish the task with some certainty of success.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Maybe it is not achluophobia.  maybe it is atychiphobia.

IMG_2742 IMG_2743