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Today I visited a fellow member of our local model engineering club, Hamish L.  The models he has built in his 4-5 years of model engineering just about blew me away.

Vertical boiler, twin cylinder engine,  condensing tank, and boiler pump.

Vertical boiler, twin cylinder engine, condensing tank, and boiler pump.


Hamish is well into building a 2″ scale Burrell Traction Engine


The slide valve is completed. The base of the valve and ports could almost be used as a mirror. Many many hours of polishing there.


The steering gears were pre-machined.


The rubber tyres were vulcanised to the rims by a company in Queensland.   The spokes were laser cut.  The rivets are actually bolts with nuts, disguised to look like rivets. Very clever.


Forget what this is, but it is substantially machined. Some finishing required.


Fantastic attention to detail.

Hamish is building this traction engine, to entertain his grandchildren (and probably infect them with the “Model engineering virus”.  It certainly inspires me.


I am waiting for some new 2mm milling cutters to arrive before I tackle the steam passages in the triple, so I decided to apply some finishing touches to the Bolton 7 boiler.

The aluminium castings on the ends were removed, and painted with a high temperature engine paint.  While the boiler was in pieces I connected the steam exhaust pipe from the engine to the boiler chimney.


The before shot. The engine and its boiler are sitting on a mantelpiece in our living room.


It looks better with the ends painted matt black, yes? I suppose that I should have also painted the brass sides and copper boiler, but I really like those metal colours.