by John

I left my iphone at the grandson’s house after baby sitting last Saturday.  No biggie, but I could not photograph machining the steam valves and the steam valve cradles which I did today.  It also meant that there were no annoying interrupting phone calls  while I was doing the machining.  But I also did not have my iphone calculator, iphone angle calculator, or access to internet.    And I was aware that if I had a serious injury, I had no way of contacting help, since my workshop is quite a few kilometers out of town.

So, no photos until after next weekend, unless I crank up the old heavy expensive Nikon SLR.  (unlikely)

One item of interest.  I set up my CNC milling machine to cut MDF.  After seeing the fabulous toys made by my nephew Stuart, of Stue’s Shed, I decided that my grandson had to have some raptors and pterodactyls, so I did some Internet downloads from “MakeCNC” and cut out a raptor and a beetle and a Landrover.    It was fun.   And rather messy.    My grandson was impressed.  Although MDF toys are not very durable.  So I spent some time repairing broken limbs on the raptor and the beetle.   Maybe some photos when I get my iphone back.


Grandson, beetle, instructions. Altogether, quite a fun session. I must have downloaded this one before I came home.