Colchester Master 2500.

by John

When buying a machine which is about 45 years old, one expects to find problems.  My inspection prior to purchase showed no dings, no broken gear teeth, and quite minimal backlash.  I could see that the leadscrew was a bit worn.  And the graduated dials would not rotate independently of the handles.  And the entire machine was very dirty.

I have been taking a much closer look since getting it onto the shed floor.   It has been cleaned, handles freed up, snd examined.  So far I have been very pleasantly surprised.  No nasty discoveries.  Not yet run under power, actually cutting, so I still have some reservations.

I did note that the Colchester tool post has only one functioning tool station, and there are only 2 tool holders, so I have factored in the purchase of a new quick change tool post and some tool holders.  I also intend to install a digital read out on the 2 axes.

But overall, so far, I am really pleased with its condition.


The Colchester Master 2500.


The plastic labels are crumbling with age.  I am planning to CNC some new labels in aluminium.  If any reader happens to have a spare label, or a scanned image, I would like to hear about it.