The Future of Motoring

by John

Last Friday I drove a Tesla.   I was gobsmacked.

Faster 0-100 than a Ferrari.

As comfortable as a Jaguar.

Quieter than a Mercedes.

As heavy as my Toyota Landcruiser, but handles like a BMW 5 series.

And the cost of a tank full of fuel?    $5

Yes $5.  Not $150-$200 like my Landcruiser.

It is powered by an electric motor, which has only one moving part, and is turbine smooth and silent.

It has a range of 400+km, and the batteries recharge overnight off the household electricity supply, or in 40 minutes at a Tesla recharge station.

The vehicle has an 8 year warranty on drive chain and batteries, and 4 years on all other mechanicals.

The style is sleek and modern, and looks a bit like an Audi A5.

My next car, whenever that is, will be electric.  Peak oil?  Who gives a ****

Google Tesla, to see the future of motoring. for prices and specs.



Photographed at Chadstone shopping centre



Check out the size of the console screen… 450mm.  The best reversing display and GPS screen ever.  My son in law, who arranged the test drive is also amazed. (check out the rear view mirror).