Beam Pump

by John

Check out the pictures and description of the steam driven beam pump, and the really nice pics of wainwrighting.

Stu's Shed

The beam pump is one of those really simple mechanisms that have been around for donkey’s years.  They are in heavy use in the American South.sxo0redqpl_oil_and_gas5a9b9-wideopenoil

The beam engine takes the rotary motion from the prime mover, and transfers it into a linear motion.

mediumThinking about it, a piston in a combustion engine is just a beam engine in reverse.

In the goldfields, a beam engine is one way that was used to pump water out of the mines (one of the disadvantages for mining below the water table).  A steam engine makes a good prime mover, and a counterweighted beam engine can have a significant stroke to draw water up from the deep.

At Sovereign Hill there is a working beam engine which you could almost miss, given how big it is!


Should have gotten some video of the beam engine itself in operation – slowly shunting back and…

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