Triple Rest

by John

I have put the triple expansion steam engine build to one side for a while.  There are many parts made over the past year, but still a few to go, and I am taking a rest from it.

My modelling club is conducting a competition to build a Stirling cycle engine, and I have decided to make an entry.  It is the coffee cup engine by Jan Ridders.  It is an annual Stirling cycle competition.  I made an entry last year, but I couldn’t get it to work.  So I am determined to make this one work.

I am also using the Koffiekop engine project to become more familiar with the CNC machining processes.  So I am making as many components as possible using CNC.  For simple parts this often takes longer than using a manual process, but my CNCing is definitely becoming faster and easier, and crashes and tooling breakages are now rare.

The Koffiekop is progressing well, and I will post some pics and maybe a video when I get it working.