Shear Wave Seismic Source

by John

You are probably wondering WTF this is about.

So was I, when I was asked to consider making one.

I gather that researchers and geologists use them to work out what is going on in a geological sense underneath our feet.

Seismic waves are generated from ground level, and instruments pick up frequency changes and time delays, providing information about what is happening below.

The seismic wave generator has the following requirements…

  1. it is anchored or spiked to the ground surface

2.  the spikes must be able to penetrate all types of ground surfaces, including asphalt, and be removable from the ground, and from the device.

3. it must be transportable by hand i.e. no more than 20-25kg

4. it must withstand thousands of impacts from a sledge hammer, in 2 directions

5. it must be  durable, repairable and not too expensive

6. the user must be able to stand safely on the device, while swinging the sledge hammer

7.  it must not generate sparks in some situations

So I have been thinking about these requirements, and I have produced a plan which has been accepted by the client.

Photos of the project next post.