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Reprieve for johnsmachines? Temporary?

Click on the picture to see a short video of the Fowler R3 steaming away.

Dear Reader, if you follow my posts you will know that I had stopped posting on WordPress because I had exceeded the 13gB memory limit.

I have been copying old posts to, and posting new ones there. Today I was copying some more, and I happened to notice that my wordpress memory limit had increased. There had been no notification of an increase. Maybe it was a mistake. So I posted the above video as a test, and to my surprise it was accepted. So I contacted support to see if there had been a change of policy. No, no policy change. Apparently it was a bug. Could it have been someone being kind? I asked. Possibly, was the reply. Do you want it changed back? NO!! I screamed.

So I have a 10gB reprieve. Enough for several years at my rate of usage. May be temporary. Time will tell. Meanwhile I will recommence posting here on WordPress, as well as

Very few of my johnsmachines.wordpress readers have switched to, so I was seriously considering pulling the plug on all future posting. So this is a reprieve. You will have the choice of seeing my posts here on WordPress, or at Medium.

P.S. The traction engine, tender, kids cart, custom fitted trailer with winch, and ~200kg of steaming coal is for sale. Located near Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Best offer over $AUD20k. Certification will be renewed prior to sale. Kids not included. HAS MOVED

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you should know that nothing new has appeared on this site for months, or will appear on this site. in the future. No more storage space and wordpress is not interested.

johnsmachines has moved to

Too few of my readers have so far moved to the new site.

The posts on this site are being progressively moved to the new site, but this site will CLOSE TOTALLY in a month or two.

SO, if you have any interest in my future posts you should check out the new site. Otherwise, I will take the hint, and disappear without ceremony, altogether.

My current project.

A New Blog Provider?

I am testing a new blog provider.

To see, or listen to my latest post, type the following in your browser address box….

(the forward slash / is required)

and please let me know if it works for you.

Note, Reading posts is free, but to leave comments/feedback, you need to register with Registration is free. Do try the “listen” option. It is remarkably good! The only drawback to “listen” is that photograph captions are not read aloud.

At the next level, for $US50 per year you have unlimited access to the millions of posts on the site. I am exploring some of these.

It is not a particularly interesting post, but if the new provider is OK, that is where future posts will appear.

John V.