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Tag: backhoe

Backhoe Grab

Another view of the grab.
I made a 2d cardboard model of the grab, with drawing pins at the joints to make sure that it would work, then drew it using CAD, then welded it up.
It works fine, and can pick up surprisingly heavy items.
It is attached to a JCB 3CX backhoe. It would benefit from a coat of paint….

Backhoe grabber

OK. so this is a photo of a gadget which I made few years ago. It is a mechanical grabber which bolts onto a backhoe arm and bucket. Seen here picking up a 5 meter I beam which must weigh 200-300 kgs.
The grabber is very useful for picking up heavy, big, prickly, dirty, rubbish and other farm stuff. Good for grabbing fence posts and pulling them out of the ground.
I wish I could say that I invented the idea, but alas….