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Every day we saw many lions. We were concerned that our Landcruiser had no doors, but the guides assured us that the lions do not see us as food as long as we kept all body parts within the vehicle.


The Landcruisers were mostly reliable, but here a flat tyre is being changed.

Africa 073

Pesy, our Kalahari bushman tracker guide.

Africa 122

Not a terrorist. Just my daughter on a cold early morning safari.

Southern yellowbill hornbill

A bird. Got its name jotted down somewhere.

Africa 197

Wally again. We were lucky to see leopards on many occasions. They are incredibly beautiful, frighteningly fast, and very elusive.

Africa 230

We travelled between camps in a Cessna. At every landing, the dirt airstrips were overflown to check for elephants and other wildlife. This is Camp Okavango on the Okavango Delta

Giant Eagle Owl

What are you staring at??

Africa 260

Okavango Delta

Africa 279

A walking safari at Okavango. 2 guides, no guns. We walked within 100 meters of lions, hippos, buffalos, elephants. The guides were most worried about the buffalos. We walked for about 5 hours. An unforgettable experience.

Africa 290

A fellow traveller from Rome.

Africa 328

Papyrus at Okavango.

Africa 203 Africa 251 Africa 321 Africa 325 DSC_7332

Dracula, Eat Your Heart Out.