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A New Spindle Motor for Boxford 125TCL CNC lathe.

The spindle motor on my 33 year old Boxford CNC lathe has struggled to machine steel, although it copes with brass OK.  My expert friend has recently upgraded his machine (identical to mine) with a new spindle motor, and I will do likewise.

The new motor is a 750 watt Servo, bought on Ebay from China.


It is more powerful than the original DC motor, small enough to fit the limited space in the 125TCL, and my friend reports that it is performing very well indeed.

Some modifications to the mounting system and drive pulleys and electronic controls will be required.

For reader Tom, who is upgrading a 125TCL as a school project, I include the following photo.


On-off switch of the 125TCL.

Boxford CNC lathe repair

I was having some difficulty seeing the work in progress in my Boxford 124TCL CNC lathe.  It reminded me of the situation before I had a cataract operation, but the cure in this case was rather easier.

The perspex cover was suffering from swarf blasting and had become opaque.  A lathe cataract you might say.

Rather than replacing the entire cover, I took the cheap option of cutting out most of the affected panel with a jig saw and screwing in a new piece.

It does not look quite as streamlined, but I can see the job in progress now.  And it will be easy to do a cataract extraction in future.