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Very few posts lately. SWMBO (SHE who must be obeyed) has me assembling and installing another kitchen. I have lost count, but I think that this must be the 7th or 8th. And the problem is that I showed some aptitude for the job with the first one, and have got better with each successive one.

It is not that kitchens are not important. I get that. It is just that I would prefer to spend my time making model cannons and casting chess pieces.

But. “Happy wife = happy life”.

I was in a similar position under the Port Fairy Armstrong not so long ago. That was more fun.

More Australian Wildlife

No, this is not about venomous snakes, sharks, spiders or crocodiles.

In common with a lot of Australian households we have uninvited guests in our house.

cannon - 3

Our broom cupboard.

cannon - 2

Brushtail possums.  Harmless.  A bit noisy at times, especially if there is a turf war caused by an intruder.  My wife feeds them with tidbits of apple.  And they love grapes.  The baby in the first photo is quite tame, totally trusting my Dr Doolittle wife, but not so sure about anyone else.  We don’t allow them access into the human areas of the house, and we are puzzled about how they access the broom cupboard, because there is a storey above.

They are a protected species, and it is illegal to trap them or harm them.  We (SWMBO really) decided that we might as well encourage one family of possums and hope that they would fend off newcomers.  After a few years of this family we are quite comfortable to have them living in our roof space and between floors.  But we do need to fore warn human visitors about the occasional noisy screeching.