Why I Don’t Sweep Up Swarf.

by John

Yesterday I spent some time spreading metal swarf around my workshop floor.


The weather is warming up as we enter spring in Australia.

My workshop is on a farm, and we have tiger snakes.  The authorities have warned us to expect more snakes than usual, due to the particular weather conditions this year.  I saw 2 snakes on the road leading to the farm.  And my neighbour visited me to inform me that he had spotted a 2 meter long, fat tiger disappearing into the freestone wall at the front of my property.   That is a very big tiger, even allowing for a bit of exaggeration!  Even baby tigers can kill.

And in recent years I have encountered tigers twice – IN my workshop.  Both times were after I had swept the floor.

So now, I spread the sharpest, nastiest swarf that I can find, all over the workshop floor.  To make the snakes feel unwelcome.  So far, so good this season.