Dredger Engine Bling

by John

Getting ready for an exhibition tomorrow.  The organisers want “works in progress” so I am taking the dredger engine.  In its present state it is more a dredger boiler than an engine, but I doubt that anyone will mind.

IMG_7934.JPGSo I spent the day inserting a lot of square nuts on stainless steel studs, and bolting on some valves.   Looks quite interesting?   The stainless nuts came from China and were inexpensive.  A pity to paint them black.


The boiler is almost ready for pressure testing.  All of the parts are made, but sealant needs to be applied to the threads and joins, and possibly some gaskets.  I will do a hydrostatic test to 120psi, fix any leaks, then take it to the boiler inspector.  I am aiming to have it certified for 60psi, but will probably run it at maximum 50psi.

I have made the engine cylinder and the bronze cap which seals the vertical tube.  Looking forward to getting stuck into the engine.