Tomorrow’s Pour. And a family member is interested!

by John

My family is vaguely interested in the stuff which I make.  Engines, traction engines, cannons etc.  But I doubt that any of them read these posts.    The grandchildren like the steam engines, particularly the 3″ traction engine.

But, the molten metal casting has struck a chord in the youngest daughter, and tomorrow, when I do my second metal pour, she is coming to watch!  At least I will have someone to hold the video camera.

So I prepared 3 trees, and poured the investment material for 2.  I took some pics but forgot to bring the camera home.

Also, I am conducting an experiment.

I know that my early 3D prints were too porous, and allowed the investment material to penetrate the the moulds.

Tomorrow I am still using the original models which I know are too porous, so I am trying something.

I have covered the porous surfaces with super glue to try and seal them.

So, watch tomorrow to see if this experiment looks promising.

(p.s.  The super glue experiment did not work)