It got worse

After yesterday’s post my readers were very supportive and nice. Made the post worthwhile. Thanks readers!

So today, I machined off the bent shaft, silver soldered on a new bigger one, and re-machined the damaged brake drum. It looked resurrectable.

Silver soldering a new, bigger (13mm dia) shaft. Note the damged teeth, filled with silver, and the brake drum, hammered roughly into shape, and filled with silver.
and then machined the shaft to 12mm, perpendicular to the gear face.
And then milled new gear teeth….
and it looked really beautiful. Ahhhh!

BUT!. There was a line in the gear cutting program which I had checked, but not noticed. It said Y0. 3 lines earlier the program said G0. If you program CNC you might make the connection. With 3 lines difference, I did not spot the problem. But this was the result….

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

The CNC mill did what it was told to do. Really buggered about 3 days effort. NOT impressed with Mach 3 Wizards for gear cutting.

I will look at it again tomorrow, to see if it is fixable, again. Excuse my French.