Chess Men. Next step, make a tree

by John

2 trees of pawns. Standing in front of their casting cylinders.
And 4 castles. Obelisks actually.
inside their casting cylinders. Remind you of anything? Chinese warriors for example?

Next step, to paint the PLA models with investment medium, then fill the flasks with medium and let it set overnight.

Incidentally, I tried several methods of cleaning up the PLA.

Soaking in acetone – waste of time.

Sanding and filing- effective, but very time consuming.

Using a heat gun – caused the entire model to heat up, with resulting distortion.

Using a flame gun, propane torch – very hot, so extremely brief exposure, maybe 1 second. This was my best method. It melted the tiny zits, burned the loose strands and removed some, and made the rest easy to finger nail off. A bit tricky. You don’t end up with much hair on your hands.

Casting in a day or 2. Watch this space.