A Perfect Evening

by John

This is definitely my final post.

I hope that I can post a final photo or two.

And… the result of an experiment which was successful.

Today was very warm in southern Australia, but I successfully made a brass part for a friend. It took a couple of hours to design, and then about 3-4 hours of machining to make. See later photo. It is a bracket to hold a water gauge on a full size boiler.

I came home, cooked dinner for my wife and myself. And we agreed that it was delicious.

The evening was still very warm, and very still. Stars just appearing.

I had some xmas present cigars, and I decided to light one up, outside on our verandah. It was the first one for 3 weeks.


So still, that the smoke rings travelled for 2-3 meters before dissolving.

What could be better? Ah… some Laphroaig single malt. Lovely peaty flavour.

And yes it was a magnificent duo.

And then I had a brainwave. Something I have never tried before.

I dipped the mouth end of the cigar into the Laphroaig for a a moment or two. It wet the end but just enough to transfer some flavour. And continued to draw.

Bloody superb!

The cigar lasted about 50 minutes. I continued the dipping every 10 minutes or so. What a discovery!

Probably reinvented the wheel, again, but I record the blissful result in case it is original.

If you like cigars, and whisky, try it. Otherwise, stay healthy and avoid both.

I will remove the wrappers tomorrow, and finish the butt in my Meerschaum pipe. Life is good.