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Dredger Engine- Crankweb and Firebox Door

Power is transmitted from the dredger engine to a cog on the crankshaft which is held in place with a crank-web.  It is similar to the crank-webs which secure the flywheel.  Similar, but more complex and more difficult to make.



More finishing required, but the basic shape is done.  Note the 2º wedges securing the bearing housing and the oil tube.



The firebox door is shaped.  Hinge, catch and latch coming soon.  The wooden front support is also seen.

The engine is really taking shape.  I am looking forward to seeing it run.



The final 20% takes 80% of the time


The weighshaft, supported on its brackets.  It will be pinned with taper pins to the shaft.  Also finished the reversing lever and reversing arm.  The reversing arm has gunmetal bushes.  About 2 x 8 hour days in the workshop to make these bits.  Just as well it is a fun hobby.

STEAM POWERED SAWMILL, looks bloody dangerous to me!

at Lake Goldsmith Steam rally. 6 May 2014.
This must be the best value for the steam head, mech head, metalworker. male in the world today. I even saw some female types enjoying the show.
More vidoes to follow as my incredibly slow ADSL will upload them.
Next rally Nov 1 and 2 2014

Beam Engine steam pipes made and installed


I am currently making this engine. It has actually progressed beyond this photo, and is now complete except for the steam connection, installation of control valve, and painting. It is a Bolton No 12. Based on an engine and pump from near Maitland NSW. The original was rated at 16hp. This small version has a […]

Boiler and engine incomplete

Gas fired 4″ boiler Bolton No 7, double action, single cylinder stationary steam engine. I will download  a video of the engine operating on steam, soon.  Keep watching.