New Skills in Retirement.

by John

When I retired from my profession almost 4 years ago, I had an aim to become proficient at in CNC machining, and 3D CAD drawing.

I have definitely improved in those areas.  Trouble is, that as usual, the more that you learn, the more you realise that you need to know.

And in making some items, you encounter the need to learn skills entirely unexpected, like bronze brazing.

And all the while, your eyesight is deteriorating, your memory has gone somewhere (I forget where), and by mid-afternoon, all you are thinking of is sitting down with a good red.

One unexpected skill which has surfaced, which I am really enjoying, is cooking.

My wife, who is still working at what she loves,  announced a couple of years ago that since she is now the bread winner, that I could take over the cooking.  That was OK.  In fact it was something which I wanted to do when I was a teenager, but my rather traditional Mum did not think was appropriate.  So except for doing the camping cooking and barbeques, I did not cook until in my late 60’s.

Then I started cooking the evening meals.  And really enjoying it!  And my wife loves the freedom from the chore.

Trouble is that I detest shopping.  So the solution was a box of recipes and ingredients delivered once weekly.  HelloFresh.  It has been superb.

Then recently the cardboard box was not delivered.  Or at least it was not there at 7am on my doorstep, having been delivered at 2am.  A date stamped photograph was proof of delivery.  So it had been delivered, and stolen.  I am suspicious by nature, and having had no thefts here in 40+ years, I wondered about the delivery person.

Hellofresh took no responsibility.  I had no evidence to support my suspicion.  So we ate toast and cereal and take away for a week.  But I was really pissed off.

So I have spent several days installing a surveillance camera system.  I had installed a similar system some years ago in my workshop, so I felt reasonably confident that I could manage it.  Buying the system was straightforward.  Seems that they are commonplace.  4 cameras.  Recording machine with 2 terabytes of hard disk!  And connected to the Internet, so I can see what the cameras are seeing at any time, on my iphone!  And get alerts if the motion plus heat detectors are triggered.  Amazing!

Trouble is that I had to install the system myself.  It seems that the legal system has pushed professional installers to extinction, by making them legally responsible for thefts where systems are in place.

And at 68, I did not enjoy getting up and down ladders installing cameras and cables.  Or scrambling about amongst the spiders and crap under the house.  But at the time of writing the system is in place.  And working.    Another retirement skill.

And the clarity of the 4K pictures is outstanding.

What I will do if the alarm is triggered is another question to be pondered.  This is Oz, not US, so going outside with guns blazing is not an option.  Thank goodness.