Trevithick Dredger Engine Progress

by John

Made the cylinder, boiler bushes, and engine supports today.



The cylinder is LG2 bronze.  Drilled and reamed the 20mm bore, turned the outside diameter between centres, then milled the rectangular steam inlets at the ends.  The inlets were actually milled then the square corners were filed.

The boiler bushes are also LG2 bronze.  Straightforward turning.  Not quite finished.



The cylinder support looks simple but it is more complex than it looks.  The middle is LG2 bronze, but I did not have a large enough piece of bronze, so the wings are brass.  The join is bronze brazed, so it will not come apart when it is silver brazed to the boiler.  The angled supports are a tight press fit into the wings.



Next I will silver solder all of the joins.  They are just sitting in place in this photo.