Gas control on an historic model?

by John

Well, no likes and no comments on this morning’s post… no picture the problem????   hmmm???

So, this afternoon, the weather was windy and wet, and unsuitable for winching concrete steps, so I retreated to the workshop.  Much to SWMBO’s disapproval.

And did a bit more with the gas supply and control.


And that is what it looked like.


OK, except that Primus knob does not appeal.  And the wooden base is looking decidedly wonky.  More about the base later.  I have some improvements in mind.


This wheel was a reject from my triple expansion steam engine model.  I wondered if it would look OK on the Trevithick.  It certainly looks better than the Primus knob Yes/No?

Possibly not historically accurate, but maybe yes for 1850-60?