Modelling Jeeps and Tiger Tanks (books)

by John

I received 2 more books from Pen & Sword  for review, and these are both directed squarely at modellers.  They both contain interesting information about their use in WW2, but are mainly about the external appearances, and configurations.  Not much information about manufacture, strategic importance, or mechanical aspects.



Second World War

by Lance Cole


This large format, 64 page book is written for Jeep enthusiasts, Jeep modellers, and Jeep restorers.

This reviewer is an experienced 4×4 driver and owner, and interested in WW2 vintage Jeeps from an historical perspective, and for technical comparisons.

The book will have enormous appeal to its target audience, but less so to the casually interested reader like me.  It does include some general historical notes and comments, but these seem incidental to the main subject matter, which is about modelling of the body work and weapons.

There are many photographs of Jeeps in wartime configurations, and mounting various weapons.  Also lots of photographs of model Jeeps.

Modelers and restorers will love it.






German Army and Waffen-SS

The Last Battles in the West 1945

by Dennis Oliver



This is another of the series of Tank Craft books which aims to provide model-makers and enthusiasts with photographs and line drawings of battle tanks which are popular subjects for modelling.

The 64 page , large format book has many such images, as well as notes about the military actions, as far as is known, of the German Tiger tanks in 1945.

The illustrations are of the tank exteriors only.  They are detailed, colour and of high quality.

A 15 page section lists and assesses commercially available kits from various countries.

Tiger Tank modellers and illustrators will love it.