Covid 19 Problems

by John

Today, for the first time since I retired 5+ years ago, I wore a face mask.  In my professional life I wore them for 4-6 hours at a stretch, and never thought twice about them.

But in retirement, and with Covid social restrictions, I have not shaved for 6 months.


And grew quite a respectable beard and mo.

But with the mask on today, because I had passengers in my car, I was obliged to wear a mask.

It was hot, my beard got in the way and was scratchy, and my glasses fogged up.  And there will be at least 6 weeks more of this…..

So I decided the growth had to go…..


After the dog clippers….


and then a blade….. 

SWMBO has not commented yet.  Maybe she has not noticed.  I know that she detested the beard.