Blood Sacrifice

by John

My brother Peter, on reading my tribulations regarding the making of the big gear in the Armstrong RML cannon, reminded me of a saying of our father regarding any difficult job. That the job would not go well until some blood had been spilt.

My brother has not responded to my invitation to visit, in order that some some blood be spilt.

And to be frank, I have many so cuts and nicks and embedded splinters, that Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths, should be happy….And, I have made some progress on the big gear…

Today I machined off the module one teeth, and silver soldered on a bronze blank disk ready for the module 1.25 cutters when they arrive. Yes, it was painful. Not sure if Hephaestus will be satisfied. But the invitation to my brother stands. If he will risk the Victorian Covid 19.

The module 1 teeth on the left gear has been rejected. So I have ground off the teeth on the middle gear and silver soldered on a blank disk ready for the module 1.25 teeth. Same with the gear on the right.
and these are the big winding handles, with the defects repaired. I silver soldered in some segments from the reject handle to replace the defects. Can you pick the handle which was perfect? Not quite finished, but looking pretty good?