Next Build? A Crane?

by John

Still a fair bit of machining to finish the Armstrong 110pr breech loader.

And I was wondering whether I should spend my time fixing a very run down house rather than making model machines.

I know what I would prefer to spend my time on. And I do NOT like climbing up ladders any more. Age 72!

But SWMBO is not well. 25% of the way through chemotherapy. She is coping well. I am OK. Just.

And, I had decided that the Armstrong 110pr would be my last model build (well, not counting plastic models which I can assemble in front of the TV.)

….But, when I saw these drawings of an 1899 steam driven wharf crane, drawn into plans by Julius deWaal, I am sorely tempted.

A 1:12.7 model would be about a meter high. Contains a boiler (which would require certification), a twin cylinder double acting steam engine, THOUSANDS of rivets, many gears including bevel gears.

But, is it not beautiful, magnificent. And there are excellent plans (thanks again Julius deWaal!), and best of all, the original is less than an hour away from me by air, in Hobart Tasmania!

While I am waiting for some laser cut parts for the cannon, and tools from India, I MIGHT just start accumulating materials for this one.