Soldering the Trevithick Dedger Engine

by John

That is soldering.  Not soddering.



These are the engine cylinder, valve chest, steam pipe (on the side of the cylinder), and flanges, pushed together.  I took this photo, because never again will these bronze parts look so pristine. 




Firstly, a thorough soak in degreaser, then rinsed in water.



Then the steam transfer tube was wired into position.   All joins were fluxed, then silver soldered.   Then a soak in sulphuric acid and a water rinse.  



The 20mm bore still accepted a 20mm diameter silver steel rod (i.e. no significant distortion from the heat), so the rod was super glued in place, and used to turn the flanges flat and perpendicular to the bore.



The assembly was heated to release the super glue.