Trevithick Dredger Engine Base

by John

This may well not be the final version of the base for the model dredger engine, but of the alternatives it is the simplest to build, so I will put it together and see how it looks.  Most readers who responded to my query for opinions about alternatives opted for the model bricks base, and that remains a possibility.

But the wooden block base is attractive because it is simple, has a reminiscence of the gun boat origin of the dredger, and would be easy for me, a previous woodworker, to build.

This is how it would look..

Trevithick wood blocks.JPG

The top is European oak, chunky, simple.  Has some appeal.  Would look more appealing when fastened and polished.   The top would be grooved, to look like thick oak decking planks.

By no means committed to this option, but considering it.   The square section wood is Australian Mountain Ash, a superb furniture quality hardwood.