A Day In The Workshop.

by John

One of those days.

Warm night.   Restless sleep.  Woke at 4:30am.  Got up.  Dressed.  checked the emails, blog, Facebook.  Dozed until 8am.

Went to workshop. (15km drive).   SWMBO a bit peeved because she assumed that I would install some laundry cupboards and straighten some outside steps at the property which she is preparing for sale.  Baby sitting yesterday was fun, but I was thinking about the burner on the Trevithick.   So I told SWMBO that I would do an hour or two at her job at the end of the day.

So I went to my workshop, and started mounting the permanent pressure gauge on the Trevithick dredger engine.   It was fiddly, not totally satisfactory.  I dropped things.  I burnt my fingers several times.  I could not remember where I had put things 5 minutes earlier.  The workshop is really in a mess and I should have just tidied it up.  But I didn’t.  I had not had breakfast because the bread was mouldy and my normal cereal was empty so I skipped breakfast.  Except for coffee of course.  I cannot skip that.

Eventually the pressure gauge was mounted.  I thought about running the engine on steam and making a video for the blog, but I was just not in the right mood.

I packed up, and went to where SWMBO wanted me, and installed some cupboards.  Oddly satisfying.  Only took an hour or so.  SWMBO was happy.  I made some lame excuse why I could not straighten the steps, and went home and had a few reds.

Shit day in the workshop.  But sure beats working.