Workshop Tidy

by John

I bet that a few of you grimaced at my before and after bench tidy photos yesterday.  I was expecting some howls of outrage, but surprisingly none.  I must have very polite readers.

But in anticipation, I spent 3 hours today, tidying up the workshop….   keeping an eye out for tiger snakes….  but to my great relief no snakes made themselves visible.   Maybe my swarf laden floor is having an effect!

After 3 hours, I stepped back and looked at the result.  I was pretty buggered.  And you know what?  The workshop looked virtually the same.   I could actually see some of my workbench.   And all of the end-mills, drill bits, parallels, and fasteners were in their appropriate receptacles.   But it still looked messy!

So I went and had a cup of coffee, and some biscuits and cheese, and came back and looked again.   It still looked really messy.  I needed some therapy, not more tidying.

So I pulled out my next project, and made a start.  I am making a CNC controlled tool post spindle for the CNC lathe.  I used the CNC mill to machine and mount the spindle in the tool post.  Photos soon.  I felt much better.

I did have to ring my advisor and friend Stuart, for some advice, and he asked after the Trevithick.  I am planning to fire up the boiler, and run it on steam on Sunday.  Stuart indicated an enthusiasm to be present, an offer which I gratefully accepted.    Tomorrow is committed to a book launch by my cousin Karen Viggers, who has written 3 or 4 books.  She wrote “The Lightkeepers Wife”, and “The Stranding” (my favourite).  I am looking forward to reading her latest book.

So Sunday night, all being well, you will see a video of the Dredger Engine running on steam.