A Record for Number of Casting Parts?

by John

This casting tree has 30 parts. That is a record for me. Admittedly, most of the parts are quite small.

There are 20 eye bolts, 2 cannon loader brackets, 2 cannon loader cradles, and 2 ends of loader arms. Oh, and 3 bevel gear locking lever handle guides. And one extra eye bolt to make 30.

It will be interesting to see how many of these parts are useable.

Note, that the tree has a bifurcation. The parts are so small that I decided to split the flow of molten bronze into 2 trunks.

But, I joined the 2 trunks at the other end, just in case.

Pour tomorrow.

Then I decided to add another mould cylinder. I am making some more cannon chassis wheel brackets, in bronze, after improving the design.

GSMEE meeting tomorrow. But, I will be casting bronze. I might have a few minutes to join in the meeting.