6″ Vertical Boiler – drilling for bushes

by John

I swapped vehicles to drive to my workshop today because the automatic park brake on my BMW X5 would not release.   And  in swapping vehicles I forgot to take the plans for the projects, so I could not do very much.

But I did set up for the remaining boiler wrapper perforations.


The boiler is ready for drilling the multiple holes.  It is parallel with the mill bed, in 2 dimensions.  But without the plans I could do no more.  Ready for progress tomorrow.

Note the rectangular cut out for the ash pan.

I had previously cut the 44 firetubes from 3/8″ copper pipe.  Today I spent some time squaring the ends and deburring them.  No photo.

It is cold and wet here in southern Victoria, Australia.  I had my wood burner going in the workshop, and spent some time hooking up an industrial gas blower heater, for an extra bit of warmth.